Amanda Sidran

Amanda started practicing yoga in 2001, but became serious about her practice after she had her daughter in 2011. Under the tutelage of her first truly inspirational teacher, Vivekan of Bodhisattva Yoga, she received her 200 hour teaching certification. Shortly thereafter, on a friend's advice, she completed her children's yoga certification with Shari Vilchez-Blatt at Karma Kids Yoga and found the opportunity to share this practice with young minds to be incredibly rewarding, not to mention fun. She loves to bring yoga and mindfulness into the classroom at schools, and her studio classes are always playful and fun. Amanda is continuously studying and deepening her own practice, on her mat, and on the meditation cushion. She has also received certification in Every Kids Yoga with Craig Hanauer and Prenatal Yoga with Samba Yoga. She is grateful for the guidance of her own amazing teachers, including Amanda Harding, Bobbie Marchand, Miles Borrero, Scott Anderson, Shari Vilchez-Blatt, Juliana Secches and Venerable Amy Miller.

Justin Donham

Justin Donham has worn many hats over the years including performer, stage manager, voice-over artist , and sound designer. He was first introduced to yoga back in 2001 when he was working on a Broadway show. Sat Jivan Kaur from Kundalini Yoga East came into rehearsals regularly and introduced him to the power of a focused, vigorous practice. Over the years, Justin has studied many different vocabularies including Viewpoints, Suzuki, contact improvisation, developmental movement, and Butoh. Few things make him happier than being barefoot in a room full of bodies in motion. Drawing from this deep love of movement, his classes are a blend of fluid sequencing, healthy alignment, evocative music, and a big dollop of playfulness. He is a graduate of Prema Yoga Brooklyn’s 200-hour Teacher Training program and would like to extend tremendous gratitude to Amanda Harding, Bobbie Marchand, Lesley Desaulniers, and Ariel Kiley.

Chase Connolly

Chase has been practicing yoga since he was 8 years old. Having taken up serious study of asana and bhakti at 16, and teaching since 2007. His style and philosophy continues to evolve with each new experience. He is heavily influenced by a passion for functional movement and Restorative Exercise Therapy which meld with his passion for the Katonah Yoga material. You can expect a balance of playful and meditative exploration rooted in precise anatomical instruction. E-RYT200 and RYT500.

Kelly Eudailey

Kelly Eudailey began studying yoga more than a decade ago in Richmond, Virginia, as a complement to her dance training. After moving to New York in 2001, Kelly had the good fortune to practice at Be Yoga under the guidance of Beverley Murphy, Alan Finger, and Jean Koerner. She completed her 500-Hour teacher training in the ISHTA Yoga lineage, and has also studied extensively with Leslie Kaminoff at the Breathing Project. Kelly’s style is inspired by a deep respect of anatomy, a playful attitude, and the wish to see more city-folk take a deep breath and enjoy the moment!

Eva Pinkley

Eva began her yoga journey fifteen years ago, on a search for natural anxiety relief. She fell in love with the entire yoga package—the asanas, meditation, breathwork, kirtan, and teachings. She didn’t realize at the time how the practice would transform her life. She later received her 200-hour teacher training certification from Prema Yoga Brooklyn, and is also a graduate of Cheri Clampett and Arturo Peal's Therapeutic Yoga Training Program, as well as numerous other trainings and immersions. As both a teacher and student, yoga has been and incredibly powerful physical and mental healer for her, and she feels that a safe and rooted daily practice in yoga and meditation, both guided by conscious breath, can bring dynamic change into one's life. Eva teaches privately and holds workshops, and therapeutic and vinyasa classes in and around Brooklyn. She thanks the many teachers she has met and studied with along her path.

Emily Faber

After a lifetime of inflexibility, Emily came to yoga hoping to gain the ability to touch her toes, but she ended up finding so much more. Although, yes, yoga improved the tightness of her hamstrings, it also provided her with a space to discover more about herself through the exploration of shapes, breath, and meditation. Before becoming a teacher, Emily started her yoga journey as a yoga portrait photographer, documenting the personal practices of yogis across the New York City area. She completed her 200 hour training at New Love City in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, where she fell in love with learning about all things yoga, from the asanas to far beyond. In her classes, expect a playful and creative vinyasa flow set to music, with additional elements drawn from Kundalini and yin. As a teacher, she hopes to create an experience where students can get in touch not only with their physical bodies but with their emotional bodies as well.

Clare Patterson

Clare first came to the practice of Yoga in 2003 while studying Theatre at Vassar College, and maintained a steady practice while pursuing acting and learning martial arts. It wasn't until experiencing a personal health setback that she became fully devoted and dove deeper into the practice. Sharing the self-healing powers of Yoga with others is what inspired Clare to become a teacher. In 2014 she completed her 200hr training at Jaya Yoga Center with Carla Stangenberg and Ramit Kreitner, followed by a 500hr training in 2018. She studied yoga for cancer (y4c) with Tari Prinster and serves in hospitals and community centers to bring Yoga & Meditation to patients, survivors, and caregivers. Clare teaches how she practices, a warming ashtanga-inspired flow incorporating Pranayama, followed by deep Savasana and Meditation. Modifications are given for both newer and advanced practitioners; come as you are

Jennifer Burch

Jennifer began practicing yoga in 1994 and was certified to teach in 2005. She shares the lineage of Sri T. Krishnamacharya, who taught T.K.V. Desikachar, B.K.S. Iyengar and K. Pattabhi Jois. At Yogis & Yoginis, Jennifer teaches classical breath-based vinyasa, moving through sun salutations, standing poses, seated poses, hip openers, backbends and inversions when appropriate. The movement and breathing are designed to give a balanced preparation for meditation. Verbal as well as hands on assists are offered to those who wish to receive them. Class opens and closes with the sound of harmonium. Jennifer is also a lifelong student of Qigong and meditation teacher Master Zhongxian Wu, and a certified practitioner of the bodywork Zero Balancing. See more at

Gaby Kende

Gaby Kende, M.S., RD is a former Nutrition Instructor at Michigan State University and is a yoga teacher and yoga therapist in the Viniyoga tradition. She has trained 7 years with the world renowned teacher Gary Kraftsow and has completed her 500 hour teacher training and 500 hour yoga therapy training with him and is certified by the American Viniyoga Institute. Gaby has been teaching yoga classes since 1999 at the Center for Yoga in East Lansing Michigan and has been working privately with clients as a Yoga Therapist since 2008. Since moving to New York City in 2014, she has primarily offered private yoga therapy sessions. Her specialty areas are Yoga and Mindful Nutrition, Gentle Yoga for Older Beginners, Yoga for Back Pain, Yoga to De-stress, Yoga for Anxiety and Depression and Yoga for Better Sleep. Gaby is very much looking forward to offer yoga class sessions, and private sessions at Yogis and Yoginis.

Arturo Castillo

Arturo started yoga as a teenager growing up in a working class neighborhood in Quito, Ecuador. in 1971, Arturo began a formal study of yoga with Dr. José Manuel Estrada, co-founder of the Universal Great Brotherhood (UGB), an international network dedicated to teaching yoga and promoting a spiritually aware lifestyle. At 17, he taught his first yoga class and went on to earn an international yoga teaching certificate. He continued to teach for the UGB in Quito, and then at Universidad de las Americas (UDLA), Swissotel, and the U.S. Embassy. Putting into action his strong belief in community service, Arturo gave free classes to the inmates of the García Moreno Penitentiary and to the children in a Quito shelter for the homeless. In 2001 Arturo brought his expertise to the United States, holding hatha yoga classes at Solar Yoga in Brooklyn

Shenaaz Jetha

Shenaaz was introduced to yoga in college with Shiva Rea and has continued to return to the practice as a source of focus, calm, inner and outer strength. A chance encounter to train with Bija Kids opened the door to teaching children yoga, and a lifelong love of kids and yoga found a home. Wanting to expand her teaching, Shenaaz did her 200-hour adult yoga teacher training at OM Yoga with Cyndi Lee. She ventured out in 2013 to pave her own yogic path, creating the kids and family yoga company, Little Feet Wise Heart yoga. Watching children connect with their breath, learn about the strength in their bodies and understand the power of stillness continues to excite and awaken her practice every day. Shenaaz was inspired to find new ways for families of multiple generations to enjoy the practice of yoga together, on and off the mat. She completed meditation teacher training at The Interdependence Project with Ethan Nichtern and Kate Johnson, the four-year program in Sustainable Happiness with Miles Neale/ Nalanda Institute, along with Teaching Mindfulness to Kids with Heidi Marben. She’s thankful to the many teachers, students and families that have inspired her.

Lisa Sack

Lisa Sack is a long-time practitioner, student, and teacher of yoga in the lineage of T.K.V. Desikachar. Her classes are an ongoing exploration of the connection between breath, movement, and mindfulness, with an emphasis on adapting the practice to suit the needs of the individual. She currently maintains a private yoga therapy practice and, through Kula for Karma, teaches in hospital settings and at the Doe Fund, which supports homeless men with long histories of incarceration, addiction, and unemployment to become self-sufficient. Lisa received her original 200-hour certification from Jaya Yoga Center here in Brooklyn, and then went on to study with Gary Kraftsow of the American ViniyogaTM Institute, where she completed both a 500-hour teacher training and AVI’s 1000-hour yoga therapist training. Lisa is certified as a ViniyogaTM therapist, as well as by IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists). She studied anatomy with Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Matthews, is a Level I/II Egoscue Method Postural Alignment specialist, a certified postpartum corrective exercise specialist, and has trained in Dynamic Mindfulness for Stress Resilience with the Niroga Institute. Currently, she is deeply engaged in the study of Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga, which emphasizes diet and lifestyle as the key to health longevity.

Kat Janicka

For more than twelve years, Kat Janicka has been studying and practicing Hatha Yoga and meditation, finding it to be a powerful tool for self-exploration and examining how we relate to others. She loves working with people to help them understand their authentic selves — their complexities, gifts, karma, and life paths. She especially finds Yoga to be helpful for major transitions, unexpected life changes, and for a better understanding of one’s relationships. Kat also practices Energy Healing, using a blend of Reiki (2 level) and shamanic practices. She helps to facilitate powerful breakthroughs by clearing blockages around physical, spiritual, relationship, or emotional difficulties. Kat is a passionate Ayurveda lover. In her practice, she uses Dottera essential oils. Kat did her teacher training in the Sivananda Ashram and was given the name Ishvari. She practiced meditation with the Forrest Monks in Thailand and since 2013 has been deeply conected with the Zen Monastery upstate where she took her lay precepts and receved the name Reigetsu.

Cori Cohen

Cori, RDN is honored to join the Yogis & Yoginis team and share Kundalini Yoga with the community. Practicing varying styles of yoga for over a decade, Cori discovered Kundalini Yoga about two years ago and the practices' focus on aligning mind, body and soul immediately resonated. She went on to complete her Kundalini yoga teacher training a year later on an ashram in Espanola NM and is certified by KRI (Kundalini Research Institute). She is also a certified Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with her own nutrition and healthy lifestyle consulting business Belly Blissful (belly Cori is a strong believer in the healing power of food and the undeniable mind-body connection. She emphasizes balanced nutrition, mindful eating, meditation, positive mindset and purposeful movement in her counseling.

Liz Schindler

Liz found yoga at a stressful time in her life and fell in love with the practice, returning again and again. She has experienced, first hand, the power of yoga to calm the mind, empower the body and spirit, and foster compassion. It is her greatest desire to share these gifts with her students. Liz is trained in classical yoga, prenatal, and children's yoga and is grateful to her teachers Dharma Mittra, Mia Borgata, and Anne Robideaux. Her classes focus on turning the attention inward to cultivate mindfulness in movement, breath, and thought.

Dave Wolovsky

Dave grew up in Brooklyn, speaks Thai, and has a masters in Neuroscience and Education. He is an always learning teacher and an always teaching learner. His yoga class is deeply eclectic and holistic, inspired by Anusara and Vinyasa yoga, Tai Chi, and injury prevention methods. He cares most about softening the breathing muscles, waving the spine, cleaning out the hips and shoulders, and dancing with the body and mind. On the spiritual side, he gears his classes toward cultivating presence, balancing action and acceptance, and finding inner space. He also makes his own music that provides the background for his classes.

Gregory Knopp

Starting a consistent yoga practice without a movement background and while not leading the most sustainable lifestyle, Greg often wondered if "yoga was for him." He was not flexible and with a number of previous injuries that certain stock postures aggravated. Despite these concerns, Greg found that yoga could lead to real transformative changes. And these changes need time to take root. Greg teaches with a strong emphasis on awareness: breath, body and mind. Turning the attention inward helps one focus and stay present. His other focus is anatomy. Correct alignment and anatomically informed decisions-making might not be the quickest path to mastering every advanced pose, but they may take you down the path of lasting change. After the initial 200 RYS certification, Greg deepened his yoga education with a 108-hour Anatomy for Yoga Teachers course and Yoga International’s Pranayama Unlocked course. Being an Accessible Yoga Ambassador, he aims to keep his classes open to everyone, regardless of experience level or physical abilities.

Holly Heidt

Holly Heidt

Holly has always loved to observe the intimate connection between movement and mood: the calm stillness that follows a hike in the woods, the rush of endorphins you feel after you've just performed, or the exuberance of handstands, cartwheels, or just hanging upside down on the monkey bars. Yoga takes advantage of this connection, offering us many tools for self exploration. She believes that by gaining greater understanding of our own bodies and minds, we can foster healthy relationships to ourselves, others, and the planet. In her classes she hopes to share feel-good sequences, supportive adjustments and massage, and a curiosity about the mind, body, and breath. Holly did her 200 hour teacher training and 30 hour Bridge Training at Kula Yoga Project under the direction of Nikki Vilella, Magi Pierce, and Jillian Turecki and her 60 hour Thai Yoga training with Al Turner II of Two Souls Thai Massage. She is co-artistic director of Muliebris Dance Theatre and dances with a few companies in the city.

Caroline Fisher

Caroline started practicing yoga in 2001 while a student in law school. In 2012 she completed the 200 Hour RYT training program at Back Bay Yoga Studio under Lynne Begier and Ame Wren. Caroline’s primary training is Vinyasa focused, but incorporates many elements of Forrest, Ashtanga and Yin yoga. Her style focuses on the breath as the absolute essential component of yoga and learning how to listen to our bodies. Her classes are challenging, but most importantly, nourishing and nurturing. She lives in Brooklyn and travels often for work, but loves to continue to teach whenever she can and to spend her time with her wife and two sons

Frank Ricci

Frank began practicing Yoga in 2004, received his yoga teaching certificate from The Yogasana Center of Yoga in Brooklyn, and began teaching in 2010. Since that time, he has received extensive training in Therapeutic yoga, including assisting Deborah Wolk. He studies regularly with his mentors and has had the pleasure and privilege of studying with Donald Moyer of The Yoga Room. In 2011, Frank's quest for deeper professional training led him to India, where he completed a five-week course studying Iyengar Yoga from Rajiv and Swati Chanchani. Frank's compassionate teaching style draws influence from Iyengar Yoga as well as modalities such as Alexander Technique and Western Physical Therapy creating a unique experience for his students that is both encouraging and challenging.

Melissa Carter

Melissa teaches yoga and leads a duel life as an actor/musician. She cannot imagine a life without one or the other. She started practicing yoga during her final year in undergrad and it became her lifeline - a container to synch movement & breath to find her way to the present moment. Melissa knew then that she wanted to teach yoga. She first trained with Piedmont Yoga in Oakland, CA and learned to teach restorative with Abby Paloma here in NYC. She melds creative practice and yoga in her public classes, with private clients, and in group creativity workshops. In her classes, look forward to slowing down, sweet essential oils, sometimes live music, and always connecting to being enough exactly as we are.

Benjamin Corson

Benjamin provides live music as accompaniment to the Saturday afternoon Open Level yoga class. Born and raised in Paris, Benjamin is deeply influenced by Blues and Rock and developed a personal style through the years, combining his love for both electric and acoustic guitar. He has led his own band "Nungan" for the past 12 years, recording and touring. His current journey is to perform Healing Ambient Music, using effects and looping to add different textures and 'colors' to the sound, which let him to discover unknown territories and embrace a new spiritual journey.

Georges Piette

Space and Movement have always been a driving interest to Georges and has led him to the study of dance, architecture and photography. Twenty years ago, unsurprisingly, it led to the study of Yoga. Georges is forever grateful to Vivekan of Bodhisattva Yoga for reopening the door to Dharma, to Prema Yoga’s Amanda Harding and her team where Georges completed his RYT200, as well as the Shantideva Center for providing the training to become a Meditation Leader. ​​

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