Amanda Sidran

Amanda started practicing yoga in 2001, but became serious about her practice after she had her daughter in 2011. Under the tutelage of her first truly inspirational teacher, Vivekan of Bodhisattva Yoga, she received her 200 hour teaching certification. Shortly thereafter, on a friend's advice, she completed her children's yoga certification with Shari Vilchez-Blatt at Karma Kids Yoga and found the opportunity to share this practice with young minds to be incredibly rewarding, not to mention fun. She loves to bring yoga and mindfulness into the classroom at schools, and her studio classes are always playful and fun. Amanda is continuously studying and deepening her own practice, on her mat, and on the meditation cushion. She has also received certification in Every Kids Yoga with Craig Hanauer and Prenatal Yoga with Samba Yoga. In 2019 she completed The Art of Teaching Beginners with Jason Crandell, and in 2020 she completed his course on Preventing and Managing Yoga Injuries. Amanda is also thrilled to add Pilates to her skill set, having been trained by Power Pilates in Manhattan and earning her certificate as a Core Mat 1 instructor. She is grateful for the guidance of her own amazing teachers, including Amanda Harding, Bobbie Marchand, Miles Borrero, Scott Anderson, Shari Vilchez-Blatt, Juliana Secches and Venerable Amy Miller.

Justin Donham

Justin Donham has worn many hats over the years including performer, stage manager, voice-over artist , and sound designer. He was first introduced to yoga back in 2001 when he was working on a Broadway show. Sat Jivan Kaur from Kundalini Yoga East came into rehearsals regularly and introduced him to the power of a focused, vigorous practice. Over the years, Justin has studied many different vocabularies including Viewpoints, Suzuki, contact improvisation, developmental movement, and Butoh. Few things make him happier than being barefoot in a room full of bodies in motion. Drawing from this deep love of movement, his classes are a blend of fluid sequencing, healthy alignment, evocative music, and a big dollop of playfulness. He is a graduate of Prema Yoga Brooklyn’s 200-hour Teacher Training program and would like to extend tremendous gratitude to Amanda Harding, Bobbie Marchand, Lesley Desaulniers, and Ariel Kiley.

Cari Friedman

For over twenty years, Cari Friedman O’Connor has been teaching yoga in New York City. She has also taught many international retreats. She is a dedicated and gifted teacher who combines exceptional technical knowledge with an ability to recognize and respond to each student’s individual needs. Cari’s classes are inspiring, challenging and nurturing. In order to have a transformative yoga practice, she helps students become aware of their personal habits by organizing and finding center through the body, mind and breath. After studying and teaching Anusara Yoga for over ten years, Cari has studied many different techniques that she brings to her teachings. In 2012 she began working under Nevine Michaan, founder of Katonah Yoga and Cari’s teaching was transformed. She is certified in the Katonah yoga method. In addition, she has completed many teacher trainings with Max Strom, John Friend, Ellen Saltonstall and Jimmy and Ruthie Bernaert, among others; she also incorporates the Melt Method and physical therapy techniques into her teaching. Her meditation practice includes studies from the Vipassana traditions. She has also studied women’s sacred rituals and completed a two-year lecture program with Dr. Shefali Tsabury on mindfulness. She is a partner and mother of two children who daily inspire her practice and teaching. Cari also holds a BA from the Boston Conservatory of music.

Emily Faber

After a lifetime of inflexibility, Emily first tried yoga hoping to gain the ability to touch her toes, but she ended up finding so much more. Emily completed her 200-hour vinyasa yoga training at New Love City in Brooklyn, where she discovered her passion for creating playful sequences that encourage students to step outside of their comfort zones, to get in touch with their physical and emotional needs, and to allow themselves to have fun on their mats. During class, unexpected transitions will keep you on your toes (sometimes literally!), while strength and mobility exercises are often incorporated to ensure a more sustainable practice. And while you can definitely count on getting a workout, Emily hopes that her classes can provide a comprehensive experience uniting the body, the breath, and the mind.

Frank Ricci

Frank began practicing Yoga in 2004, received his yoga teaching certificate from The Yogasana Center of Yoga in Brooklyn, and began teaching in 2010. Since that time, he has received extensive training in Therapeutic yoga, including assisting Deborah Wolk. He studies regularly with his mentors and has had the pleasure and privilege of studying with Donald Moyer of The Yoga Room. In 2011, Frank's quest for deeper professional training led him to India, where he completed a five-week course studying Iyengar Yoga from Rajiv and Swati Chanchani. Frank's compassionate teaching style draws influence from Iyengar Yoga as well as modalities such as Alexander Technique and Western Physical Therapy creating a unique experience for his students that is both encouraging and challenging.

Arturo Castillo

Arturo started yoga as a teenager growing up in a working class neighborhood in Quito, Ecuador. in 1971, Arturo began a formal study of yoga with Dr. José Manuel Estrada, co-founder of the Universal Great Brotherhood (UGB), an international network dedicated to teaching yoga and promoting a spiritually aware lifestyle. At 17, he taught his first yoga class and went on to earn an international yoga teaching certificate. He continued to teach for the UGB in Quito, and then at Universidad de las Americas (UDLA), Swissotel, and the U.S. Embassy. Putting into action his strong belief in community service, Arturo gave free classes to the inmates of the García Moreno Penitentiary and to the children in a Quito shelter for the homeless. In 2001 Arturo brought his expertise to the United States, holding hatha yoga classes at Solar Yoga in Brooklyn

Shenaaz Jetha

Shenaaz was introduced to yoga in college with Shiva Rea and has continued to return to the practice as a source of focus, calm, inner and outer strength. A chance encounter to train with Bija Kids opened the door to teaching children yoga, and a lifelong love of kids and yoga found a home. Wanting to expand her teaching, Shenaaz did her 200-hour adult yoga teacher training at OM Yoga with Cyndi Lee. She ventured out in 2013 to pave her own yogic path, creating the kids and family yoga company, Little Feet Wise Heart yoga. Watching children connect with their breath, learn about the strength in their bodies and understand the power of stillness continues to excite and awaken her practice every day. Shenaaz was inspired to find new ways for families of multiple generations to enjoy the practice of yoga together, on and off the mat. She completed meditation teacher training at The Interdependence Project with Ethan Nichtern and Kate Johnson, the four-year program in Sustainable Happiness with Miles Neale/ Nalanda Institute, along with Teaching Mindfulness to Kids with Heidi Marben. She’s thankful to the many teachers, students and families that have inspired her.

Lisa Sack

Lisa Sack, E-RYT 500, C-IAYT, and certified ViniyogaTM therapist, is a long-time practitioner, student, and teacher of yoga and meditation in the lineage of T.K.V. Desikachar, who offered a breath-centered approach to mindful movement, with an emphasis on adapting the practice to suit the needs of the individual. Lisa is also a certified instructor of Clinical Somatics (as developed by Thomas Hanna) that uses small, focused movements done very slowly to release patterns of muscular constriction. Recurring injuries and chronic pain are often a result of the way we stand, sit, and move our bodies. The more we repeat these postures and movements, the more deeply ingrained they become, leading to tension and discomfort. Somatics provides a way to undo these habits and establish ease in the body, thereby relieving pain, creating spaciousness, and preparing the mind for meditation. Lisa maintains a private clinical somatics and yoga therapy practice and, until the outbreak of COVID-19, taught yoga and meditation in a variety of non-traditional settings, including hospitals, a Head Start program, and a homeless shelter. Currently, she is deeply engaged in the study of Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga, which emphasizes diet and lifestyle as the key to health and longevity.

Liz Schindler

Liz found yoga at a stressful time in her life and fell in love with the practice, returning again and again. She has experienced, first hand, the power of yoga to calm the mind, empower the body and spirit, and foster compassion. It is her greatest desire to share these gifts with her students. Liz is trained in classical yoga, prenatal, and children's yoga and is grateful to her teachers Dharma Mittra, Mia Borgata, and Anne Robideaux. Her classes focus on turning the attention inward to cultivate mindfulness in movement, breath, and thought.

Dave Wolovsky

Dave was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. He grew up studying Kung Fu until the age of 22. After years of injuries and illness, he turned to the healing arts of Tai Chi, Qi gong, and Yoga. He has practiced all three arts daily since 2012 and taught since 2016. His style of teaching draws heavily on science, due to his graduate studies in neuroscience and education. He also has a philosophical edge, in the tradition of Alan Watts. His other, more "worldly" work can be found on his website.

Holly Heidt

Holly Heidt

Holly has always loved to observe the intimate connection between movement and mood: the calm stillness that follows a hike in the woods, the rush of endorphins you feel after you've just performed, or the exuberance of handstands, cartwheels, or just hanging upside down on the monkey bars. Yoga takes advantage of this connection, offering us many tools for self exploration. She believes that by gaining greater understanding of our own bodies and minds, we can foster healthy relationships to ourselves, others, and the planet. In her classes she hopes to share feel-good sequences, supportive adjustments and massage, and a curiosity about the mind, body, and breath. Holly did her 200 hour teacher training and 30 hour Bridge Training at Kula Yoga Project under the direction of Nikki Vilella, Magi Pierce, and Jillian Turecki and her 60 hour Thai Yoga training with Al Turner II of Two Souls Thai Massage. She is co-artistic director of Muliebris Dance Theatre and dances with a few companies in the city.

Toby Kasavan

Toby Kasavan is the founder of Better Balance NY, a Tai Chi and Aikido based programs for balance and health. Toby has been certified by the TaijiFit Int. for Flow & Tai Chi 4 Veterans, by the Wu Tang Physical Culture Society (NYC) to teach the Northern Wu Style Tai Chi form and has a 5th degree black belt certification from the US Aikido Federation and Hombu Dojo Japan. Toby began studies as a child at the Los Angeles AikiKai with Clem Yoshida (5th Dan). After moving to N.Y. he continued at the N.Y. AikiKai under Professor (Sensei) Yoshimitsu Yamada 8th Degree black belt (8th Dan), a direct student of Aikido’s founder and the Chief Instructor of the N.Y. AikiKai. Toby is also a musician and for him, music and tai chi have a lot in common. Both are involved with timing, phrasing, breath, focus, and dynamics.

Laura Staton

Laura Staton holds a Master's Degree of Science in Occupational Therapy from NYU and is a C-IAYT Yoga Therapist specializing in injury rehabilitation. She works as a yoga therapist and Occupational Therapist and her recent book bridging these two disciplines, Yoga Bones - A Comprehensive Guide to Managing Pain and Orthopedic Injuries Through Yoga, was published in 2021. Laura is passionate about yoga’s powerful effect on physical and emotional well-being, and how this interacts with daily life. Laura also teaches at Samamkaya Yoga Back Care & Scoliosis Collective and out of her home studio in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. For many years, she was a dancer and choreographer in NYC, received her BFA from The Juilliard School, and is the co-author of Baby Om -Yoga for Mothers & Babies.

Brynt Beitman

Hailing from Dallas, Texas, Brynt Beitman is a graduate of The Juilliard School and has worked internationally as a professional dancer, dance teacher, and choreographer. Brynt has taught Pilates since 2014 at Groundfloor Exercise, where he completed their Teacher Trainee Program. He is a graduate of Soma Psyche Institute (180 hour Beginner Program) and Polarity Therapy Institute (675 hour Advanced Program), where he had transformative experiences of the subtle body while learning Polarity Therapy from Ellen Krueger and Brian Jansen. He is a 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher, having received his certification from Yoga and Ayurveda Center. Brynt’s yoga and Polarity Therapy practices inform one another; weaving together physical, mental, energetic, and emotional exploration. He uses present-time embodiment and somatic inquiry to give his yoga classes an underlying emphasis on nervous system regulation and inner resource building.

Sarah Selig

Sarah has been living and teaching yoga in Park Slope for over 20 years. Coming to yoga through her background in dance, she began studying with Dharma Mittra in 1994 and completed his teacher training in 2000. From Dharma she learned the value of interweaving yoga philosophy into the Hatha Yoga practice and the healing benefits of savasana and meditation. Since that initial training she has studied and trained in a myriad of yoga styles, including vinyasa, restorative and yin. She has a love for the chakra system and for deepening the awareness to the subtle body. Sarah has conveyed her knowledge to her students in a variety of settings including, the classroom, one-on-one, workshops, retreats and through online video instruction. She was a teacher-trainee instructor at Jaya Yoga for multiple years. Currently she is studying yoga and the chakras with Tias Little and will participate in his SATYA training this year. Along with the yoga, Sarah is a reiki practitioner and has completed the Shinpiden level with Frans Steine, with whom she continues to study and practice. She has a BFA in dance from College-Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati. Her household sangha includes her husband, two children, a cat and a dog.

Jason Orrell

Jason has been teaching yoga since 2009 and has over 1000 hours of training, specializing in yoga for back health, strength and mobility training, anatomy and biomechanics. With clear instruction, humor and innovation, he aims to make yoga fun and accessible to students of all ages and abilities while imparting a sense of wonder about the body and mind. He believes that in teaching us to strengthen and align our bodies, yoga helps us also to strengthen and align our relationship to the social and natural world. Jason holds certifications from Kula Yoga with Schuyler Grant, David Regelin Yoga, Yoga Union with Alison West, Functional Range Conditioning, Kinstretch, and Animal Flow among others. He leads anatomy intensives for Yoga Teacher Trainings and has taught for Alo Yoga, Equinox, YogaWorks and other prestigious locations throughout the city.

Julie Dohrman

Julie Dohrman

Julie Dohrman has been teaching in locally and internationally for almost 20 years and is one of New York’s most sought-after teachers. Widely known for her inspiring, intelligent, and practical approach to yoga, Julie has an infectious passion for the practice and views yoga as a means for personal transformation and growth. Her classes are deeply layered, often combining mythic stories and sage teachings from varied lineages with clear instruction, smart, progressive sequencing, plenty of challenge, nuance and depth. Julie is Certified in Anusara Yoga, ERYT-500 / YACEP, and teaches in Brooklyn and NYC.

Kathryn Meany

Kathryn Meany has been utilizing the PIlates Method for her growing movement community for over 17 years in New York City. Her approach is inspired by universal and individual body conditioning for optimal mobilization and integrated strength both on and off the mat. Kathryn loves using unique visualizations and cueing as well as progressive modifications on classic Pilates choreography for students to dial up on the details of their kinesthetic journey resulting in more organization and noticeable results.

Jon Sint Ziff

Drawing from a family of yoga practitioners and teachers, Jon was introduced to yoga early but took his time to fall in love with the practice and make it his experience. That love was initially propelled by the physical practice and the defiance of gravity but is now defined by the power of the breath + mind, the complexity and brilliance of the human form. Jon’s classes are designed to connect the muscular with the mystical body, the physical practice to the imagination. His classes are centered around mindful alignment, creative sequencing, self-awareness, pranayama, offer a physical challenge, and are constructed to offer to be experiential. Jon's training ranges from extensive study with The Sacred Fig and Katonah Yoga to work with Threes Physiyoga, Kula Yoga, AcroYoga, Meridian Yoga Therapy and various bodywork modalities. Jon splits time between New York and Cocoon Portugal, his home away from home.

Cristina Tarantola

Cristina sees the practice of yoga as an offering of the heart, where movement and breath are the tools to connect deeper with the truest sense of Self and attain a higher sense of consciousness. In 2009, she had her first 200-hour training at Yoga Union for Back Care & Scoliosis. Alison West taught her how to balance impeccable instruction in alignment and Pranayama. Her rigorous Iyengar inspired program included a certification in teaching on an Iyengar-style rope wall and Yoga for Back Care. Following with a 75-hour advanced intensive training for experienced teachers with Schuyler Grant on The Art of Teaching Kula Style Yoga, she deepened her knowledge of anatomy and with a yearlong course with Leslie Kaminoff at the Breathing Project. Cristina was on the faculty of Katonah Yoga, studied with Zach Dacuk for a deeper understanding of the human anatomy and the dynamic of body movement to create intelligent sequences in a yoga flow class. She seeks to create space and strength in the body and in the mind in order to create space in life through a grounding, challenging, expansive and uplifting practice. Her dedication to yoga is deeply fueled by the great inspiration and gratitude for her teachers, Alison West, Schuyler Grant, the Kula community and many others who have deeply touched her heart. Yoga is her life long journey

Kristen Davis

Kristen’s teaching is a blend of her somatic practice and study over the last 30+ years. Her approach is meditative, compassionate, playful, and precise as she looks to uncover the physical habits and conditioning that create obstacles in the body-mind-heart. Kristen was owner and director of Yogasana Center in Brooklyn, NY from 2003-2017. As a dancer, Kristen began studying and teaching Yoga and Alexander Technique in 1995. Her yoga studies have been predominantly in the Iyengar tradition, most importantly with her yoga teacher and mentor, senior Iyengar teacher, Donald Moyer. Kristen was first certified by Alison West and Yoga Union. She went on to study intensively at the NY Iyengar Institute and graduated from the Yoga Room Berkeley's Advanced Studies / 500hr Teach Training Program under Donald Moyer and Mary Lou Weprin. Kristen completed her original 1600-hour Alexander Technique training in 1999. She went on to do a post-graduate Alexander training in the Art of Breathing with Jessica Wolf in 2006. Kristen is a committed practitioner of Soto Zen Buddhism, having received the precepts in 2017. As a senior student at Brooklyn Zen Center, Kristen serves in the role of Jisha, assistant to lead teacher, Laura O’Loughlin.

Chase Connolly

Chase Connolly has been practicing yoga since childhood and teaching yoga for over 14 years. Introduced to yoga at age 8 by his grandmother, he started studying it seriously in high school and completed his first teacher training soon after. Practicing everything from Hatha, to Power Yoga to Vinyasa, it wasn’t until he found Katonah Yoga, after injuries and dissatisfaction, that his love for yoga was revived and gained new meaning. Chase’s teaching is informed by his background in anatomy, his study of herbalism and his love of plants and gardening. He strives to utilize the physical practice as a container to embark on the exploration of universal concepts, encouraging each student to create a narrative of self cultivation, turning oneself into a diverse ecosystem of ideas and curiosities to further the exploration of the interior landscape.

Ana Costa

Ana entered into the world of capoeira over 25 years ago and life has never been the same again! Her immediate passion for it led her to jump head-first into the physical, cultural, musical and linguistic facets of the rich African-Brazilian art form. Over the years, successes and challenges with her own learning & teaching lead her to develop a system of instruction for both kids and adults in Brooklyn as well as delving into the world of personal training to work on similar issues with non-capoeiristas. Ana received her certification in personal training through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and an Architecture degree from Columbia University. Rouxinol, as she’s known in the world of Capoeira, continues to hone her craft studying the teachings and traditions of Mestre João Grande and Mestre Cabello. She’s often found standing on her hands (pretty much how she is happiest) or playing her berimbau & singing. Ana's cross-cultural upbringing in rural Liberia, urban Kenya, and upstate New York, and diverse athletic training inspire her dynamic and holistic classes, which are as challenging as they are creative. Ana’s classes provide you with the ability to discover a greater understanding of your body’s potential, the tools to train it well, and how to apply this in the context of the roda (circle) and the art form of Capoeira Angola.

Mike McArdle

Michael McArdle has been teaching yoga since 1999. Since the beginning of his journey Mike has explored many modalities of movement; Vinyasa, Iyengar and Aerial yoga; Pilates and therapeutics are some of the practices he explored in depth. Throughout the years Mike devoted time and focus to numerous anatomy courses and body reading certifications. For the past 10 years, he has immersed himself in the study of SMR (Self Myofascial Release). Mike has created workshops, class content and trainings for numerous gyms and yoga studios in the NYC area. He constantly strives to broaden the reach of his constellation of interest for many years to come. Working with the body and the mind is truly his deepest motivation and inspiration. His offbeat humor and deep knowledge of anatomy, body mechanics and the use of functional movement sequences make Mike’s classes unique experiences that have inspired practitioners to follow and practice with him for over 2 decades

Three Merians

Three Isha Merians is a yogi, activist, and attorney from Woodstock, New York. Raised in a Yogic household, Three and her father are devotees of Sri Swami Satchidananda, in the Sivananda lineage. In 2015 Three earned her 200 hour yoga teaching certification from Kashi Ashram in Atlanta, GA. Since then, she has studied with and earned additional certifications from Bryan Kest Power Yoga, Mahasiddha School of Tantra, and the Integral Yoga Institute. Three is an active member of the Yogaville Ashram, leading workshops and Q&As on a range of topics including anti-racism, and the recognition of joy as a form of activism. Three's classes incorporate her background in dance with the American Ballet Theater and the Los Angeles Ballet, and her love of Vipassana meditation with a strong Vinyasa flow to create a deep, graceful, and powerful practice. Three believes the eight limbs of yoga are a roadmap to personal, community, and Universal liberation, and seeks to empower and inspire other yogis in their practice both on and off the mat.

Yvonne Ambrée

Yvonne was introduced to Yoga shortly after moving to NYC in 2011. Being a frequent traveler due to her profession as a Singer/Vocal Coach she was looking for a practice that brought some regularity and felt grounding at the same time. Through the years as she recognized the transformative and sacred components of yoga, her practice became an integrated and important part of her daily life. Yvonne holds a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training from Joschi Yoga (NYC) and a 300 hour Teacher Training from The Shala (NYC). She is also a certified Yoga Nidra teacher from Sacred Sound Yoga (NYC). Her classes are a creative mix of ashtanga-inspired vinyasa, breath awareness, yoga philosophy and meditation.

Dalienne Majors

Dalienne Majors is currently Movement Specialist at Brooklyn Heights Synagogue Preschool and teaches a weekly Adult Chair Yoga class online. She is a graduate (BFA) of the Juilliard School Dance Department, University of Iowa Dance Department (MFA) and continued post-graduate studies in Movement Therapy, Dance Research and Dance Anthropology at NYU. Dalienne continues to study Ballet with Ernesta Corvino and Yoga with Laura Staton and at the Iyengar Yoga Institute.

Georges Piette

Space and Movement have always been a driving interest to Georges and has led him to the study of dance, architecture and photography. Well over twenty years ago, unsurprisingly, it led to the study of Yoga. Georges is forever grateful to Vivekan of Bodhisattva Yoga for reopening the door to Dharma, to Prema Yoga’s Amanda Harding and her team where Georges completed his RYT200, as well as the Shantideva Center for providing the training to become a Meditation Leader. ​​

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